Vinyl flooring - Why choose Pergo?

The new collection of Pergo vinyl floors redefines the category. They may appear to be authentic wood, rich with true-to-life detail. But once you experience their warm, soft touch and the waterproof durability there will be no doubt: Pergo, the inventors of laminate flooring, have once again set a new standard.

Having a hard time finding your favourite design? Well, with 16 new vinyl designs that choice has just got harder. Now with 40 different decors to choose from, our offer is broader than ever. The latest additions are all in the Modern plank format, and supplement our previous selection of wood and stone decors.

Why choose Pergo vinyl flooring

  • Best durability: The new protective top layer TitanV™ efficiently seals the surface, offering improved resistance against staining and soiling, and protection against scratches.
  • Natural beauty: Our designs have naturalistic textures that mimics nature perfectly. The natural look is achieved by adding subtle nuances, high contrasts and variations between individual planks. These may sound like small details – and they are – but they make a big difference which further accentuates the natural look of the floor.
  • Easy installation: Our patented click joint PerfectFold™ V was created specifically for vinyl floors and features vertical as well as horizontal locking to make installation both fast and easy. Just fold it down or snap it in place!
  • 25 years guarantee: Pergo vinyl floors come with a guarantee of up to 25 years. Vinyl flooring really turns your room into a no-worry zone.
  • 100% waterproof: Of course, a waterproof floor is also easy to clean. Thanks to a protective layer and a sealed surface, dirt can just be wiped off the floor – keeping it not only looking great, but also hygienic
  • Unrivaled stability: Our new vinyl floors are not only resistant to water, they are also prepared for the warmth of the sun. Thanks to a new manufacturing process where we have complete control over every step and all the materials used, we can guarantee stability that exceeds industry standards.
  • 100% phthalate free: As a leading producer of flooring, we are proud to guarantee that our floors are free from harmful phthalates. The reason is simple: we do not add any phthalates to our products.

Get inspired

Modern Plank

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Seaside oak

Article number: V3131-40107
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Beige Washed oak

Article number: V3131-40080
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Black City Oak

Article number: V3131-40091
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Grey River oak

Article number: V3131-40084
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Dark River oak

Article number: V3131-40086
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Light Danish oak

Article number: V3131-40099
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Light Washed oak

Article number: V3131-40079
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Light Village oak

Article number: V3131-40095
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Natural Highland oak

Article number: V3131-40101
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Natural Village oak

Article number: V3131-40096
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Dark Highland oak

Article number: V3131-40102
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Grey Washed Oak

Article number: V3131-40082
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Nordic White Pine

Article number: V3131-40072
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Light Highland oak

Article number: V3131-40100
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British oak

Article number: V3131-40098
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Sand Beach oak

Article number: V3131-40103

Classic Plank

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Brown Chalet Pine, Plank

Article number: V3107-40056
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Modern Coffee Oak, Plank

Article number: V3107-40019
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Soft Grey Oak, Plank

Article number: V3107-40036
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Ecru Mansion Oak, Plank

Article number: V3107-40013
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Modern Nature Oak, Plank

Article number: V3107-40018
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Nordic White Oak, Plank

Article number: V3107-40020
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Warm Grey Mansion Oak, Plank

Article number: V3107-40015
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Classic Nature Oak, Plank

Article number: V3107-40023
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Modern Grey Oak, Plank

Article number: V3107-40017
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Taupe Mansion Oak, Plank

Article number: V3107-40016
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Grey Heritage Oak, Plank

Article number: V3107-40037
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Light Nature Oak, Plank

Article number: V3107-40021
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Nature Mansion Oak, Plank

Article number: V3107-40014
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Light Grey Chalet Pine, Plank

Article number: V3107-40054
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Grey Chalet Pine, Plank

Article number: V3107-40055
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Golden Nature Oak, Plank

Article number: V3107-40022


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Light Concrete

Article number: V3120-40049
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Grey Scivaro Slate

Article number: V3120-40034
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Dark Grey Concrete

Article number: V3120-40051
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Warm Grey Concrete

Article number: V3120-40050
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Black Scivaro Slate

Article number: V3120-40035
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Light Grey Travertin

Article number: V3120-40047
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Oxidized Metal Concrete

Article number: V3120-40045
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Cream Travertin

Article number: V3120-40046