Before you get started

Frequently asked questions about laminate

Before you get started

When installing laminate flooring, A good start is half the job. So prepare thoroughly.


Before you start laying your laminate flooring, allow the planks to adapt to their new environment. The HDF core is sensitive to changes in humidity. For this reason, leave them for at least 48 hours in the room where they will be installed.


You can use this time to check that you have all the tools you need. You should have a knife, ruler, bevel tool, jig saw, hammer, knocking block and a flat crowbar in your toolbox. You will also need a pen, spacers and a pocket calculator.


Before you start the installation, you must make sure that the surface on which you are going to lay the flooring is completely clean. Dirt can create unevenness as well as creaking sounds in the finished floor. Carefully vacuum or sweep away any dust or other dirt.


Also check if there is any other unevenness in the floor. You can do this using one of the planks you bought from Pergo. Drag one side gently along the floor and check if any gaps or cracks form anywhere between the plank and the floor.

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