How to seal the floor

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How to seal the floor

Sensation laminate flooring is water resistant, but if you want the whole room to be waterproof, you have to seal the edges too.

What do you need?


A floor that is laid in a damp room, or in a room where it is at risk of exposure to spillages and water, must be sealed at the edges. You used spacers while you were laying the floor to allow space for it to swell against the walls. This is particularly important in rooms that are constantly or periodically exposed to moisture or damp. The spacers create a gap between the floorboards and the wall and if you do not seal this gap, there is a risk of moisture penetrating into the floor.


Once you have removed the spacers, apply PE foam along the whole wall. Next, apply permanent silicone sealant, smoothing it carefully with your thumb, for example. To conceal the silicone and to create a neater finish to the room, you can then install skirting boards.

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