Surfaces and bevels

With vinyl, there are no limits to what a floor can look like. The versatility of the material means we can offer a wide range of designs, each radiating its own style thanks to the real life details, the tactile structure and the fascinating colour schemes.

Amazing decors and textures
The the decors and textures you will find in our assortment of vinyl floors are inspired by the natural feel of wood, leather or rough concrete. Fourteen amazing designs allow you to accentuate your home environment any way you want.


Unique bevel technology 

Bevels help define the sides of each plank to achieve a distinctly authentic feeling.

Thanks to Pergo’s patented technology, and a vinyl that offers the same high level of durability from top to bottom, we can create a uniquely true V-bevel that is deeper and more distinct than you will find with any other vinyl floor. We can even adapt the colour of the bevel to match the character of the design – lighter bevels for a softer appearance or darker bevels for a more rustic or aged feel.