Choose the right floor for your attic apartment

Right floor for your attic apartment

In recent years, it has become popular to empty the old attics in apartment buildings and convert them into modern apartments or convert them to a part of a maisonette. Even in private villas, a renovation of the attic can be an excellent way to increase the number of bedrooms and get more living space.

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From draughty storage to cosy penthouse

Regardless of whether you want to create a new bedroom, an attic study or an extra film room, the basic job is the same. First, you have to make sure you have room under the sloping roof at all. Remember that it might be nice to at least be able to stand up straight somewhere in the room and that you have to be able to clean without completely ruining your back.

Then of course, it's important to check the structural engineering aspects. Is there, for instance, adequate insulation? If not, it will get ice cold in the winter and hot as a sauna in the summer. You also need to plan for a stairway – is there already one or do you have to build a new one? And is there enough room for a stairway on the floor below? It is also very important to check that the floor is strong enough and stable for your floor plan. If the floor needs to be reinforced, it's practical and smart to begin there – a stable foundation is good insurance.

Stable ground with attractive finish 

Once you've done the reinforcements and the necessary repairs to the floor, you can think about how you want to decorate it. Pergo's thin and strong laminate and vinyl flooring can be laid directly on the existing floor without building it up so much. With the right liner, you can also handle a little unevenness in the subfloor without it causing problems. As always with Pergo's floors, you lay then with a click function, which means the floors can be laid quickly and easily. Moreover laminate and vinyl flooring work excellently with floor heating.

Choice of flooring

It's the function of the room that determines which flooring type is the best. Laminate and vinyl flooring is great for children's games. To dampen noise between the penthouse and the room below, vinyl floors are extra good and therefore, we often recommend vinyl for rooms on the top storey.

When it comes to appearance and style, there is something for all tastes regardless of the kind of flooring. If you want to keep the rustic attic feeling, you can invest in dark wood with a brushed texture and visible knots. For a fresh and light penthouse, there are many light kinds of wood to choose from. Also among the light kinds of wood, you can get a more rustic feeling by using whole floor planks. You might also have exposed ceiling beams that you can match to the style of the floor.

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