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white kitchen with a brown laminate floor

Choose the right floor for your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen is where family and friends meet to socialise, cook, bake and eat – quite simply to live. Of course, this also involves a good deal of spillage and dropping of crockery, as well as sticky and sometimes sharp utensils. In other words, the kitchen floor has to put up with a lot, so it is worth having a proper think about what sort of kitchen flooring you want. 

While function and durability are the most important factors, you want your kitchen floor to be beautiful as well. The floor binds the whole room together and can either be a focal point or simply a discrete background. Regardless of your tastes and the style of your interior, at Pergo you can find kitchen flooring that is decorative, easy to install and simple to maintain.

Pergo vinyl flooring in a kitchen

Vinyl flooring

You will probably spend long hours standing in and walking around your kitchen, and if you want a slightly softer and quieter feeling beneath your feet, you should invest in vinyl flooring. It is one of the most water-resistant and hygienic options and is available in a number of varieties. Modern vinyl flooring can look exactly like wood or tiles but without their negative properties, such as the need for a lot of maintenance or poor resistance to impact, scratches and spillages. On the contrary, vinyl flooring is almost completely maintenance-free and can handle most things.

Laminate flooring in a kitchen

Laminate flooring

If you need an extra durable and hard-wearing kitchen floor, laminate is the right choice for you. The top layer of laminate can withstand most things – it is strong, durable, scratch-resistant and waterproof. Laminate is also available in numerous patterns and textures – you can get the natural feel of the grains in wood, a rustic vintage look or an unusual stone texture, and many textures are also available in different gloss levels.

No matter what type of kitchen flooring you choose, all Pergo flooring is easy simple and quick to install, so all you have to do is choose the one you want and you can soon start making the most of your kitchen!

Find your perfect kitchen flooring

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