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dog sitting next to fallen plant on a grey vinyl tile floor

Prepare for a lifelong relationship

Pergo vinyl floors are ready to endure whatever you demand – wet days, messy dogs or just life in general. That is as sure as rainy Scandinavian summers and never-ending winters. Another certainty is that if there is any way we can reduce our production impact, we’re going to do it. For instance, we operate our own internal ecosystem, whereby we internally recycle 99% of our production waste, preventing it from being discarded or incinerated. In addition, we’ve invested in a new production line with the capability to recycle old vinyl floors. In other words, we put our waste where our mouth is. Yet another great thing is that our vinyl floors are also highly durable, as we build them to last a lifetime. Ultimately relieving stress for both you and the environment. Very much a double positive.

Discover our vinyl floors

kid playing with toy car on a beige vinyl floor

More Life. Less footprint

It’s a fact that products with a longer lifespan generate less waste. That’s why we make all Pergo vinyl floors to be as tough and durable as possible. So, we’re excited to introduce yet another innovation – TitanV™. This protective layer preserves the freshness of your Pergo vinyl floor, shielding it from scratches and wear. Contributing to its already long life, and by doing so, reducing its carbon footprint. That’s brilliant because it means you won’t need to buy a new floor for a long time and can be sure your floor has a minimal environmental impact.

lifetime warranty icon by pergo

Lifetime warranty

Your Pergo vinyl floor always comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can be as confident in its durability as we are. Because the build-up and top layer of our vinyl floors are nothing short of top notch. A prime example of how we lead the way in our industry, pushing the boundaries of a vinyl floor’s typical lifespan. Our aim is to keep it in use for as long as possible, benefiting you while also reducing the environmental impact of the product.

Oil is bad, we know

Your Pergo vinyl floor consists of approximately 40% chalk, a natural material available in abundance. Meaning there is a lot of it. Another part is made from recycled PVC from our own production waste. About 10% of it consists of additives, to add flexibility. Finally, the remaining quarter is made from what is known as ‘virgin’ or new PVC. Composed of chlorine (common salt) and ethylene (crude oil). Which isn’t ideal, to be fair. We acknowledge that oil is a non-renewable resource, as it can’t be naturally replenished within a human timeframe. To address this, we’re committed to maximising the lifespan of our vinyl flooring, ensuring a lifetime of durability. Our goal is to have a future with totally recyclable vinyl flooring. You’d better believe we won’t rest until we’re there.

Making new out of the old

pile of vinyl parts

The columbus of vinyl recycling

We consider ourselves pioneers in the flooring industry. Eager to find the new ‘thing’ and the possibilities it brings for improved vinyl floor manufacturing. Oh boy, do we have exciting news! We have invested in a state-of-the-art production line capable of recycling old vinyl floors that can be transformed into new ones for your home. This groundbreaking initiative allows us to employ a circular methodology that significantly reduces the demand for finite resources. Creating a more responsible and resource-efficient production process.

We're proud to say

kid playing drums in bedroom with beige vinyl floor

Safe for children

Additives are the ingredient in our vinyl flooring that make it flexible (and thus easy to install). None of these additives contain harmful substances and are ortho-phthalate free. You can, therefore, rest assured they are completely safe for you and your children.

Circular ecosystem

99% of our own vinyl industrial waste is successfully recycled in our internal production process. This means that we do not burn or dump materials unnecessarily, and we operate our own closed internal ecosystem. A very cool thing, if you ask us. In this way, our production facility accepts its responsibility and almost no waste is lost or destroyed.

Feel the power of green

unilin factory in Avelgem

Powered by waste

We use wood dust waste from our laminate plant next door to generate green heat for our production line.

Blown away by wind

We also run on energy generated by three of our own wind turbines. These annually produce a total of 12,600 MWh of green energy, equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 3,490 European households!

biomass plant from unilin

We love renewable energy

Our green energy efforts do not stop there. UNILIN Group – as Pergo’s parent company – has also invested in two biomass plants to transform wood dust and non-recyclable wood waste from the Group’s operations into renewable energy. We also use energy from solar panels in our production plants. In total, since 2023, 60% of our Group’s production is powered by renewable energy.

Breathing clean air

We aim very, very low

Since we spend most of our time indoors, the quality of the air in the home is important. Air quality is affected by a lot of factors, including ventilation, candles, cleaning agents, and even your furnishing and flooring materials. Because we produce our floors inhouse, we know exactly what goes into them. This helps us control any bad stuff that might come out of them. Like VOCs (which stands for Volatile Organic Compounds). These are organic chemicals that have high vapour pressure at room temperature. This means they are really good at turning into gas and spreading into the air, even when it’s not hot. But you can be totally sure that your beautiful floor is completely safe for you and your family. The VOC emissions from your vinyl floor are actually lower than the strict European norm, resulting in an A+ rating and M1 label for very low emissions.

  • A+

    Emission regulation certificate, serving as a recognition for very low emissions. A+ is the top category, standing for the lowest emission. 
    Emission regulation certificate, serving as a recognition for very low emissions. A+ is the top category, standing for the lowest emission. 
  • M1

    Proof that our flooring products do not release toxic substances and are odourless. M1 is the top category of this Finnish classification, standing for the lowest emission.
    Proof that our flooring products do not release toxic substances and are odourless. M1 is the top category of this Finnish classification, standing for the lowest emission.