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Brown voxnan vinyl floor on a white staircase


How to create beautiful stairs with wood, vinyl or laminate flooring

Pergo floors can also be used to transform your staircase. Our Stair Covers, made of real floors, create a harmonious interior by offering a sleek transition between steps with their integrated step and nosing design.

Give your stairs a new look with Pergo flooring

If you want to create a staircase that matches your interior style, you have many flooring options to choose from. Pergo vinyl, laminate and wood flooring are ideal to upgrade your stairs, and get a perfect finish using our Stair Covers or Stair Profiles. They are easy to install on your existing staircase and fit seamlessly, giving it a fresh and modern look.

Vinyl stair cover on staircase

Stair covers: the ideal solution

Stair Covers are the best solution to transform your staircase in a simple and stylish way. They are made of one piece of vinyl flooring containing both the step and the bullnose, which creates a sleek and seamless look for every step.

  • Made of real vinyl floors, which means a 100% colour-match with your floor.
  • Same advantages as your floor: durable, easy to maintain and install.

Your staircase will be ready in no time, and will last for a long time.
The Stair Covers are available for Vorma pad pro, Glomma pad pro, Namsen pad pro and Namsen pro

Discover vinyl stair covers

Laminate stair profile on staircase

Find out more about Incizo, our stair profile

The Pergo Incizo profile is a versatile 5-in-1 solution that you can use to finish your stairs as it’s an expansion, adapter, end and stair profile. This profile allows you to choose the flooring design of your preference to finish your stairs, achieving a smooth and long-lasting result. The Incizo profile and the corresponding aluminium subprofile is all it takes. In essence, the Incizo profile is:

  • resistant to scratches;
  • waterproof;
  • and durable.

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