Installation instructions with click: 5 golden rules


The PerfectFold™ V click system was created specifically for the new Pergo vinyl floors. It features vertical as well as horizontal locking. The double locking gives the Pergo floor unique stability, and thanks to the new click system, installation is both fast and easy – faster than any vinyl floor on the market. Simply choose one of the three installation methods, and snap the floor into place!

The new click system eliminates the need for transition profiles for installation next to doors. Thanks to the horizontal and vertical locking, there are no no height differences or open joints. And if you need to, the PerfectFold™ V system means the floor can be easily removed and reused.

Download the complete click installation guide here

Glue down

Our Optimum vinyl flooring is an easy alternative when you want to glue down your floor. Here you can find complete instructions for achieving the perfect result, no matter which type of installation you prefer.

Download the complete glue installation guide here