Technical features vinyl flooring

Pergo vinyl floors can take a whole lot more than a knock or two. If you’re looking for a durable floor to beautify your entrance halls or other high-wear areas, look no further. The Superior Protective top layer efficiently seals the surface, offering improved resistance against staining and soiling, and protection against scratches.

Pergo vinyl

Every plank and tile is made up of 5 layers. The strong and durable surface layer offers a considerably improved resistance to micro-scratches and makes vinyl the ideal choice for spaces that are used intensively, keeping your floor looking beautiful for many years to come.

  1. Superior Protective top layer for scratch, stain and wear resistance
  2. Fine printed vinyl decor layer
  3. Highly impact resistant vinyl core
  4. Extra stabilizing layer containing glass fiber
  5. Highly impact resistant vinyl backing

Pergo rigid vinyl

For installlation on an irregular subfloor our new rigid vinyl floor is a great option. It has a convenient click joint and does not require levelling for a perfect result!

  1. Superior Protective top layer for scratch, stain and wear resistanceextra matt for authentic look
  2. Fine printed vinyl decor layer
  3. Flexible vinyl layer for a sound absorbing, soft, warm and comfortable feeling
  4. Rigid composite core that makes levelling of subfloor unneccessary. Two glassfibre reinforced rigid layers prevent the floor from cupping

What makes Pergo stand out?

Easy Installation

Easy installation

The PerfectFold V and Uniclic click systems make installation quick and easy. Just click the planks into place using one of the click methods, and you’ll be done in no time.

Wear Protection

Wear protection

The surface of Pergo Vinyl offers a multi-layer protective floor finish. The protective top layer provides scratch, stain and wear resistance and easy maintenance.

Sound Reduction

Sound reduction

The soft vinyl floor reduces step noise and provides a quiet and comfortable walking experience.

Impact Resistance

Impact resistance

Pergo’s vinyl surface is multi-layer build-up. In combination with the dense core material it gives the floor a very high impact resistance and a low residual indentation, protecting your floor from potential damage.

Castor Chair

Castor chair

The multi-layer build-up of Pergo vinyl in combination with the properties of the core are designed to withstand damage from castor chairs.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance

Pergo vinyl floors have a natural high resistance to fire. They are designed to meet all European requirements for installation in escape routes and assembly halls.

Water Resistance

Water resistance

Our Moisture Resistance System combines the properties of the core with a strong and tight click joint. This will give Pergo vinyl floors some of the best moisture-resistance properties on the market.



A Pergo vinyl floor improves hygiene and makes it easier to maintain a clean home. The sealed surface prevents bacteria, and helps reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals you need.

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance

The Pergo protective top layer is resistant to dirt and offers you low maintenance and effortless cleaning. The solid design of the click joints also keeps dirt from penetrating the joint.